When do you realize that you have to leave your country and become a refugee? This is one of the hardest decisions people have to make in their lives, you have to leave your home, maybe a part of your family, your everyday-life… Everything begins when the situation of your country becomes worse than ever.

Currently, the situation in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and more countries is terrifying. Many people have to make the decision to leave their country and go to a European one. Those people are named by the State as refugees. But, what is a refugee? A refugee is defined as the person that is far away from his home or his native area because of persecutions, political or religious problems, military interventions or natural disasters such as tsunamis, floods and earthquakes. Those people leave their country with the hope of finding a country were start again with their lives. They normally emigrate in families, looking for a better future for their children. However, what are they capable of doing? The only solution that they have is to ask for help to organized mafia due to the fact that they are illegal.

siria mikel--644x362
Source: ABC internacional




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